Exosomes with RF

Exosomes with RF

RF Microneedling with Exosomes is an innovative treatment that directly uses your cells’ messaging centers (your Exosomes) to rejuvenate the skin. Your body’s own exosomes are extracted and added to a custom growth-activating serum during the treatment. A microneedling device injects this serum quickly into the deeper dermal layers by using several tiny needles. In time, the skin becomes healthier, smoother, and more radiant due to enough treatments. Exosomes can boost the body’s natural healing process when delivered deeply into the skin. By rebuilding the skin from within, it will be able to maintain a healthy and natural appearance.

As a result of this therapy, your cells’ natural reparative abilities are stimulated to address your biggest complexion concerns, such as:

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Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits


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Exosomes are essential components of cell-to-cell communication and assist in the exchange of RNA, vital proteins, growth factors, and genetic material. The function of exosomes is essentially to transfer materials between cells so they can repair damaged tissues. The use of exosomes in cosmetics results in rejuvenated, younger-looking skin, as they are derived from stem cells and applied topically.

The primary function of exosomes is to transfer these materials between cells in order to help repair damaged tissue. To rejuvenate and restore the appearance of youthful skin, exosomes are derived from stem cells and applied using RF microneedling.

Treatments should be spaced out between six and a year apart.

You will receive a radiofrequency microneedling treatment, which will create tiny pricks in the skin and then exosomes will be applied topically without any additional needles or discomfort.


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